UniVessel® SU

UniVessel® SU DUO002LL-SS01--V

The UniVessel® SU is a single-use bioreactor available with a working volume range of 0.6 to 2L. It is assembled, irradiated and shipped ready-to-use. Moreover, it comes with single-use pH and DO sensors that further reduce the preparation time required to an absolute minimum; for more runs with your available lab resources in process validation, process optimisation and process development.
  • Proven and scaleable design
  • Compatible with your existing bioreactor controller
  • Interchangeable with existing glass vessels
  • Single-use from vessel to sensors


The UniVessel® SU is a stirred tank single-use bioreactor. It combines the proven, scalable design of glass bioreactors and the fast turnaround of single-use systems.

UniVessel® SU is compatible with your controller and can be used interchangeably with glass vessels to help you efficiently manage peak workloads despite challenging timelines. The broad range of accessories, such as a heating | cooling jacket, heating blanket, pressure relief unit and dedicated motor adaptors, enables you to connect the UniVessel® SU culture vessel to virtually any brand of bioreactor controller that you already use.

Used together with the UniVessel® SU Connection Box, these sensors can be interfaced with nearly any bioreactor controller. As a result, this eliminates the need for labor intensive steps involving probe autoclaving and insertion. Since you discard the complete vessel after use, you no longer have to bother with the hassle of cleaning, autoclaving and reinstallation.

Product properties

Material vessel & components
Polycarbonate (PC)
Material tubings
Silicone, C Flex®
Material o-ring | seal
Total volume
2,6 l
Max. working volume
2 l
Min. working volume
0,6 l
Impeller type
3-blade segment impeller 30° angled
Number of impellers
Impeller flow characteristics
Down flow
Impeller diameter
54 mm
Lower impeller distance to bottom
47,3 mm
Impeller distance
70,2 mm
Sparger type
Sparger hole diameter
0,5 mm
Vessel inner diameter (top)
130 mm (1.5° slope)
Vessel inner height
242 mm
Vessel weight
1 kg
Diameter thermowell
8 mm
Gas filters
Midisart® 0.2 µm

Technical attributes

Operating pressure max.
< 0,5 bar
Permissible operating temperature
< 50° C
Vessel bottom design
Irradiated to dose exceeding 25 kGy


DCS--B1 SENSOLUX® BCS Barcode Scanner on request
DZ-------ABC UniVessel® SU connection kit for use with classical pH & DO sensors on request
DZ-------ABE UniVessel® SU connection kit for use with single-use pH & DO sensors on request
DZ-------VHB UniVessel® SU holder, basic on request
DZ002L---VHI UniVessel® SU holder-adaptor ring 2L on request
DZ-------CB UniVessel® SU Connection Box on request
DZ-------MB Motor Adaptor UniVessel® SU – B+/B (new)/ B-DCU on request
DZ-------MAP Motor Adaptor UniVessel® SU – Aplus on request
DZ-------FH1 Filter Heater UniVessel® SU, Size 1 on request
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