Sartocheck® 4 Plus Filter Tester
Sartocheck® 4 Plus Filter Tester
Sartocheck® 4 Plus Filter Tester
Sartocheck® 4 Plus Filter Tester

Sartocheck® 4 Plus Filter Tester 26288

Fully automatich filter integrity testing device. In full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11. A large accessory package makes Sartocheck 4 plus flexible, powerfull and creates solutions for almost all customer needs.
  • Barcode Scanner for easy and reliable data entry (optional)
  • Intelligent selection of test program after scanning the filter
  • External pressure sensor and external valves (optional)
  • Automated cleaning function eliminates expensive service calls
  • Sophisticated Cleaning Kit available (optional)
  • Automatic detection of improper test setup (e.g. disconnected filters)
  • Multitasking menu
  • SD card reader for easy test program proliferation to other Sartocheck testers
  • Profibus communication (interface as accessory)


The Sartocheck® 4 plus is the result of Sartorius 30 years experience in developing automatic filter integrity testers. Valuable productivity enhancing features and robust build quality have been combined with incredible ease of use to make the Sartocheck® 4 plus the only logical choice for integrity testing. The Sartocheck® 4 plus provides the following unique combination of benefits:

Integrity Test Methods

  • Bubble Point Test (BPT)
  • Diffusion Test (Diff)
  • Combined Test (Diff + BPT)
  • Pressure Drop Test
  • Water Intrusion Test (WIT)
  • Water Flow Test (WFT)
  • Multipoint Diffusion Test
  • Customer Specific Test
  • Automatic Test Time function for intelligent optimization of test times

Barcode Scanning

Using the optional barcode scanner allows easy and error-free entry of bag | filter cartridge data into the unit. Sartocheck® 4 plus automatically locates the suitable test program that matches the scanned bag | filter cartridge.

Cleaning Function

The patented cleaning function of Sartocheck® 4 plus (Bag tester and Filter tester) allows the user to perform reliable cleaning of the complete internal pneumatics even with aggressive cleaning agents (up to 1 M NaOH). This unique feature provides security of the integrity testing procedure while eliminating the need for costly down time and service calls. A fulfilled cleaning also generates a printout for full traceability.

Network Concept

The network solution for the Sartocheck® 4 plus incorporates the TCP-IP and FTP protocol standards, with data being transmitted via the Ethernet standard. Via standard RJ45 connection, all data can be easily up-loaded on a FTP server. Profibus communication can be used to allow bidirectional communication with process control system as a basis for complete automation.

Multiunit Concept

In order to increase productivity through parallel system testing, up to four additional MultiUnits can be easily connected to the Sartocheck® 4 plus. This provides the equivalent testing capacity of five Sartochecks operating concurrently at a significant cost savings to the end user.


Sartocheck® 4 plus ensures that all integrity tests are carried out with highest precision and accuracy. Our comprehensive Sartocheck® 4 plus validation documentation and world-class Service Team provide exemplary support for the user.

Product properties

Measuring range
100 - 8.000 mbar
TFT touchscreen

Technical attributes

Power requirements
100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Max. power input
74 W
Dimensions (WxDxH)
460 x 390 x 245 mm
Operating Conditions - Temperature
+15 °C to +35°C
English, German, French, Spanish and Italien
Operating pressure max.
10 bar
Line frequency
47 - 63 Hertz
Operating Pressure
min. 4 bar g
Bubble point
100-8000 mbar
Relative humidity
10 %-80 %
Screen size
10.4 ''
256 colors
Serial port TU
RS232 | RS485
Serial port MU
RS232 (Sartocheck® 4 plus only)
PLC port
binary signals 12 pins
Ethernet connection
Pressure drop
All filter systems up to net volume of 150 L
Without ext. ref. tank: Cartridge systems up to net volume of 14 l; with ext. ref. tank: Cartridge systems up to 150 l
Water intrusion
0.1-999 ml/min
Net volume measurement
4 %
Packing Weight
2,7 kg
Measuring Ranges - Test pressure
100 - 8000 mbar
Measuring accuracy - bubble point
0,05 bar
Measuring accuracy - diffusion
Measuring accuracy - Water intrusions
5 %


16288---TU Sartocheck® 4 Test Unit on request
1ZE---0021 Venting fan adapter for Sartocheck on request
26288---VP Validation Package Sartocheck 4 plus on request
16288---PI Profibus Interface for Sartocheck 4 on request
16288---RV Sartocheck 4 Reference vessel 10l on request
26288---PV Pressure Tank for Cleaning Kit on request
26288---CK Sartocheck Cleaning Kit on request
1ZE---0029 Sartocheck 4 network cable 2.0m on request
1ZE---0030 Sartocheck 4 network cable 5.0m on request
1ZE---0031 Sartocheck 4 network cable 10.0m on request
1ZE---0032 Sartocheck 4 network cable 20.0m on request
1ZE---0008 Sartocheck 4 cable to multiunit 0.5m on request
1ZE---0009 Sartocheck 4 cable to multiunit 2.0m on request
1ZE---0010 Sartocheck 4 cable to multiunit 5.0m on request
1ZE---0018 External Pressure Sensor for S'check 4 on request
1ZE---0025 External Valve Kit for Sartocheck 4 on request
1ZE---0026 External Valve Kit for Sartocheck 4 on request
26288---BS Barcode Scanner for Sartocheck 4 plus on request
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