Xell Is Now Part of Sartorius

As a versatile and innovative partner for the global biotech and pharmaceutical industry, Xell provides highly efficient solutions in cell culture technology.   

Creating ultra-high-performance culture media and feeds, applying our powerful analytical tools for in-depth characterization of media components and working closely with our customers as a team, we create solutions for any challenges met in cell culture technology. 

Sartorius Acquires Cell Culture Specialist Xell AG

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Free HEK293 Media Sample Kit

Sample media for gene therapy and viral vector vaccines.

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Free CHO Media Sample Kits

Sample media for recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).

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Explore Superior Cell Culture Solutions

High-performance cell culture media and feeds, accompanied by first-class analytical and R&D services

Cell Culture Media and Feeds for HEK and Other Human Cell Lines

Ready-to-use media and feeds for the production of viral vectors, AAVs and lentiviruses, as well as for gene therapy applications

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CHO Cell Culture Media and Feed Supplements

Our CHO products are developed for long-term, high-performance suspension culture e.g. for protein production

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Analytical Services

Sophisticated methods for common analytes and customized method development for spent media and further matrices

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Cell Culture Related Services

Media development, process development, suspension adaptation, cell studies and many more

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Ready-To-Use Cell Culture Media and Feeds for Various Cells

Chemically-defined, high-performance, off-the-shelf culture media and feeds for Hybridoma, BHK, Vero, MDCK, MDBK

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Contract Production of Powders and Liquids

Animal component-free manufacturing of cell culture media, buffers, medical products and many more

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Browse the Xell document search page to find product- and lot-specific documents (MSDSs, PFUs, CoCs, or CoAs).

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There will be no change - you can continue with the same project contact. We will contact the customers with projects-in-play to provide details for transferring projects and orders to new legal entities. 

Yes, consumable and analytical services can still be ordered via the Xell online shop. 

At a later time, all products and services will be available from the local Sartorius Sales Organization.  

Existing quotes including agreed prices remain valid according to the terms mentioned in the quote. After expiration or, if you require a new order for your internal processes, please contact the Xell sales team. 

All above-mentioned quality and regulatory aspects will not be impacted and remain in place for the time being. You will be informed about any relevant changes via our established Change Notification process. 

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Sartorius acquires cell culture specialist Xell AG

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Increasing Service With New Media Services

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Now Part of Sartorius

In recent years, Sartorius has been continuously making acquisitions, expanding its portfolio by new, complementary technologies.

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