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Webinar Series: Your mRNA Process, Simplified

With mRNA vaccines serving as a major component in the fight against SARS-CoV-2 and the continued development of therapies against various indications, the need to produce mRNA has never been greater. In this three-part webinar series, experts from Sartorius demonstrate how improved processes, analytics, and tools are key in meeting that demand.

Part - 1: Increase pDNA Purity and Yields

In part one of our three-part 'Your mRNA Process, Simplified' webinar series, we start our exploration into processes, analytics, and tools that can help meet the unprecedented demand for mRNA – beginning with the production of plasmid DNA. You will learn how to achieve higher yields in the plasmid DNA by ensuring the quality and purity of the raw materials and taking other steps to optimize the production process.

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What Will You Learn

  • Demonstrate how purification of plasmid DNA for IVT processes can be optimized to improve yield, reduce number of purification steps, and improve purity of the target product
  • Review strategies to minimize introduction of product-related contaminants in the IVT reaction
  • Explore ready-to-use solutions for scalable chromatographic purification of plasmid DNA  
  • See real-world impact of the HiP2 Plasmid Process Pack for purification of linearized pDNA 

Meet Our pDNA & mRNA Expert

Tomas Kostelec

Head of Technical Support and Product Manager for mRNA applications, Sartorius

Tomas holds a Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry from University College London. He joined BIA Separations, now a Sartorius company, in 2016 as an analytical scientist to support contract work and development activities. He is currently the Head of Technical Support, and Product Manager for mRNA applications. 

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