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Simplifying Process Intensification

New, Scalable Platform Tools for Simplifying Process Intensification in Commercial Scale Single-Use Facilities

Watch this on-demand webinar showcasing how Sartorius is investing and developing in upstream and downstream intensified technologies and services that cater to the needs of the industry for tomorrow's biopharmaceutical manufacturing. In this session you will find out how process intensification tools will address the industry's challenges.

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Discover how Process Intensification Tools will address the industry’s challenges

  • Perfusion based PI approaches in upstream leads to higher productivity and flexibility and lower COGs
  • Generation of high cell density cell banks resulting in intensified seed train and also inoculation of the main bioreactors at high cell density to achieve higher titers
  • Future Intensified downstream processes using BioSMB MCC Chromatography and Modular Chromatography systems enabling a continuous and connected approach to achieve maximum efficiency

Key Learning Objectives

  1. Technologies resulting in upstream titers of 10 g/L and beyond are leading to an annual output  of >1500 kg/year from a Single-Use or Hybrid facility making modular Single-Use facilities a reality
  2. Efficient downstream solutions to handle higher mass by applying process intensification technologies for both existing and new facilities at different scales

Meet Our Experts

Gerben Zijlstra

Senior Platform Technology Consultant, Segment Marketing Proteins

Gerben received his Ph.D. on cell culture process intensification from the Wageningen University (NL). He has worked over 20 years in industry on Biological product and process development, as well as innovation projects. As an early adopter of Single-Use technology and Process Intensification he has invented Concentrated Fed-Batch technology, licensed by e.g. Amgen, and has worked on several Continuous BioManufacturing and Gene Therapy projects. Since end 2016 Gerben works for Sartorius as Global Technology Consultant for Intensified and Continuous BioManufacturing.

Tom Erdenberger

Senior Platform Technology Consultant, Segment Marketing Proteins

Tom has worked in the biotechnology industry for more than 30 years both as an end-user as well as on the supplier side and has an extensive background in industrial microbiology, bioprocess development, cGMP manufacturing, tech transfer, facility start-up, cross-functional project management, and bioprocess/bioproduct engineering. Tom holds a position as Senior Platform Technology Consultant in the Protein Market Segment.

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