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Intensify Your Throughput by Integrating Multi-Column Chromatography

Biopharmaceutical manufacturers and CDMOs using batch chromatography processes typically rely on expensive resins. To reduce resin costs, they must limit column size, which also limits throughput. 

This webinar explores how BioSMB, a multi-column chromatography platform, outperforms batch chromatography and increases throughput up to 6x. It will also review implementation case studies to highlight additional benefits of the BioSMB system. 

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What Will You Learn:
  1. Understand the critical limitation of traditional batch chromatography: increasing throughput requires larger columns, which increases resin costs. 
  2. Describe how BioSMB utilizes multi-column cycling, enabling faster residence times, resulting in higher capacities and throughput with less overall resin. 
  3. Analyze how increased throughput reduces time to scale-up and facility footprint without sacrificing purification performance.

Meet Our Multi-Column Chromatopgraphy Experts:

Karl Rogler

Resolute® BioSMB Systems Product Manager

Karl Rogler earned his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he specialized in chromatography applications for protein purification. He has been developing chromatography applications on the Resolute® BioSMB system since 2013. In 2015, he became project manager for several Resolute® BioSMB projects and serves today as the Resolute® BioSMB Systems Product Manager.

Jason Forte

Product Specialist, Intensified Processing

Jason is a Product Specialist at Sartorius, focusing on intensified processing solutions. He has several years of experience with the BioSMB technology devoted to customer implementation of intensified and continuous technologies and the development of process control strategies. Prior to joining Sartorius in 2020, Jason served as a continuous processing engineer at Pall Biotech. Jason has an additional 3 years of experience in the industry focused on early-stage drug and process development. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Bioengineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA, USA.

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