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Experience quick start-up and streamline workflows with our product and platform solutions ideally suited to meet your laboratory and bioprocess application needs. From consumables and laboratory water purification systems to industry-leading weighing technology, our sophisticated solutions also include liquid handling, fermentation, filtration, and fluid management. 

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Product Highlights

Arium® Mini Ultrapure Lab Water Systems

A compact ultrapure water system specially designed for requirements of less than 10 liters per day 

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Picus® Electronic Pipettes

Enjoy your work with Picus®! Highly sophisticated and ergonomically designed, Picus reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI).

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Featured Products

Tacta Mechanical Pipettes

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Mline® Mechanical Pipettes

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Vivaspin® 500 Centrifugal Concentrators

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Quintix® Lab Balances

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Best-selling Products

Centrisart I | Centrifugal Ultrafiltration

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Bactair™ Culture Media Plates

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Gelatine Membrane Filters

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Cubis® MSA Lab Balance

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