Webinar: Octet® SF3: Label-Free Protein Analysis

This recording was made by Sartorius at SLAS Europe from 24-27 May 2022 in Dublin.

The webinar will showcase the brand-new Octet® SF3 SPR including the range of novel injections featured on the new label-free instrument and their potential applications across a number of different research areas.

  • OneStep® Gradient Injections: Eliminate the need for multiple analyte concentrations and significantly reduce assay development time to generate kinetics for up to 768 molecules in less than 24 hours
  • OneStep® Two Component Injections: Determine accurate kinetics across multiple conditions and in the presence or absence of cofactors
  • NeXtStep™ Gradient Injections: Highly accurate competition assays to examine the behavior of an analyte in the presence of a competitor molecule

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Speaker Information

Stuart Knowling, Ph.D.

Senior Application Specialist


Stuart Knowling, Ph.D., is a senior scientist in the Applications Group at Sartorius. With nearly 20 years of experience in biophysical protein and nucleic acid production and characterization, Stuart also has over a decade of experience in surface plasmon resonance (SPR). He has led multiple projects for drug companies in preparation for regulatory submissions.

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