On-Demand Webinar: Novel High-Throughput Glycoanalytics for Biopharmaceuticals

As industry-wide advancements in antibody drug discovery continue to push toward larger panels of candidates for early-stage characterization, more efficient identification of lead molecules through enhanced screening resolution is required. Integrating instruments like the Octet® into the overall characterization workflow enables reliable, high throughput selection of lead candidates more effectively than alternative traditional techniques. This presentation will highlight a few unique methods of Octet® utilization as a replacement or supplemental tool for various antibody discovery protocols. Comparisons across platforms, including traditional ELISA, flow cytometry, surface plasmon resonance, and in vivo studies will be presented.

Webinar Duration: 38 minutes

Webinar Speakers: 

  • Victoria Smith, PhD, Principal Scientist | CPI Biologics 
  • Lewis Wharram, Analytical Scientist | CPI Biologics

Learning Objectives

  • Improve the overall drug discovery process to increase the success rate of preclinical candidates
  • Identify elite candidates earlier in screening
  • Use of the Octet® platform in high-throughput, high-resolution screening for selection of lead candidates

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