Enhanced Efficiency in Lot Release and In-Process Testing of Biologics

White Paper

Octet® BLI instruments monitor biomolecular interactions in real time. They are an ideal replacement for ELISA and HPLC techniques for the quantification of antibodies and recombinant proteins and are especially suitable for product potency lot release assays. 

The plate based and non-fluidic format offers GxP users distinct advantages over comparative SPR based techniques. Octet® BLI systems provide higher throughput, with the flexibility to run 2 to 96 samples simultaneously, and better sample versatility, including the ability to analyze crude samples and more tolerance to diverse sample matrices. In addition, they come with distinct advantages including ease of use, low maintenance, and microfluids-free configurations, enabling them to provide GxP users with enhanced productivity and labor efficiency for lot release and in-process testing of biologics. 

This whitepaper includes a few examples in which Octet® BLI systems have been used under GxP compliance for different applications and shows the relative benefits over alternate technologies.

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