Cell Line Development: Accelerating Antibody Discovery by Monitoring Titer and Glycosylation With the Octet® Platform

Cell line development involves multiple processes. Large numbers of clones are screened and selected on the basis of productivity and stability.

Octet® systems have been an established platform for rapid titer of antibody clones to enable quick selection of high-producing clones. Combined with the Octet® Sialic Acid (GlyS) and Octet® Mannose (GlyM) kit assays, cell line development scientists can also screen for the relative terminal sialic acid content in crude or purified samples to better select optimal clones that are both high producers and have desirable sialic acid content.

Learn more about Sartorius solutions for Cell Line Development at https://www.sartorius.com/cld.

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Author: Hongshan Li

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