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Don't sacrifice quality and performance when buying a label-free instrument for biomolecular interaction analysis. The secret behind the exceptional performance of the Sartorius Octet® label-free product line is that we’re the only company to offer the choice of both BLI-based and SPR-based instruments. The entire Sartorius Octet® range has been designed with one clear focus – to allow researchers to generate the most accurate data possible in the shortest timeframe imaginable.

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The Quality is in the Details

Octet® BLI Label-Free Detection Systems for Biomolecular Interactions Analysis with Unprecedented Time and Cost Savings

Octet r8 instrument

Key benefits:

  • Higher Throughput – Protein quantitation in as little as two minutes, and parallel processing of up to 96 samples
  • Fast Time to Results – Automated analysis for faster time-to-market and faster publications
  • Real-time Analysis – Binding interactions are continuously monitored as they happen. Don’t miss out on subtle kinetic behavior patterns.
  • Crude Sample Compatibility - Analytes can be measured in crude, unpurified mixtures such as cell lysates or hybridoma supernatants.
  • Ease of Use – Simple, integrated user interface designed for biologists. Spend less time learning instrumentation and more time deriving insights.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership – Low-maintenance fluidic-free system

Octet® SPR Label-Free Detection System for Faster Drug Discovery and Development with Exceptional Sensitivity

Octet sf3 instrument

Key benefits:

  • Superior Gradient Injections
    • Accurate measurement of molecule kinetics and affinity from a single analyte concentration
    • Determine the behavior of an analyte in the presence of a competitor molecule from a single injection
    • Assess multiple analytes and competitors in a single assay
  • Independently Functioning Buffer Lines – Use two running buffers during an assay
  • Optimized Fluidic System – Minimized potential sources of blockage and efficient decontamination protocols
  • Sample Recovery Injection – Recovery of bound analyte to save precious analyte
  • Temperature Control – Assess kinetics and affinity of therapeutics at physiological temperatures

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With Octet® you’re fully powered & prepared to generate new and deeper insights.

Top 3 reasons to own both technologies:

  1. Flexibility: No compromise on the size of the analyte; from low molecular weight compounds to nanobodies and viruses.
  2. Efficiency: Fast assay development and preliminary results in early discovery and development confirmed with SPR.
  3. Resilience: Process optimization and control using crude, unpurified samples with scalable throughput.

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Easy to use, speedy and robust.

Application Area: High-throughput antibody characterization and small molecule analysis

"The Octet® RH96 lets our team carry out quantitation at high-resolution that is comparable to an HPLC and rapid throughput. It allows shortening of our experimental timelines and less cost for cell line development projects. Our team uses it for label-free, real-time data generation and it's a facile instrument to use that provides superior quality data at a very cost-efficient price."

We get great results on this instrument. It’s a fundamental part of our research.

Application Area: Screen small-molecules and characterize their interactions (affinity, kinetics) to proteins

"The instrument is easy to use and requires little daily maintenance. Software for setting up protocols as well as data processing (QDat) is very intuitive, and still versatile. The support from sales, service engineers and application scientists are efficient, friendly and service-minded."

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