White Paper: Automating Octet® Assays for Ligand Screening


Drug development and production is challenging.

Avitide, based in Lebanon, New Hampshire, provides on-demand development and supply of high-performance affinity purification resins for the manufacture of biotherapeutic drug molecules.

Molecule-specific affinity purification resins simplify complex downstream manufacturing processes that can require years of development and multiple steps that often sacrifice yield for purity.

Using a proprietary discovery and development platform technology, Avitide enables its partners to rapidly advance candidate molecules to the clinic and achieve faster and more predictable bioprocess development timelines by providing one-step affinity purification solutions for a range of biomolecules including enzymes, novel scaffolds, multi-specific antibodies, gene therapies and vaccines—in just three months. The speed at which Avitide serves their growing client base is a key strategic advantage for their partners but presents a unique challenge in the R&D process. 

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