Application Note - From Mammalian Cell Cultures to Pure Proteins: Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab Significantly Reduces Cell Harvest Time

The novel Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab V Kit was evaluated for the removal of transiently IgG expressing mammalian MEXi-293E (HEK293) cells from cell cultures. The method was directly compared to the present standard method that required two centrifugation steps. After clarification, recombinant IgG harboring a Twin-Strep-tag® was purified from all samples in parallel by a one-step Strep-Tactin®XT Superflow® high capacity affinity purification process.

Download the application note to learn how the use of Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab significantly reduced the time for sample clarification by up to 3.6-fold while maintaining total protein yield and quality, and how Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab can be integrated easily into already existing lab processes, substantially decreasing hands-on time and thereby simplifying sample preparation. 

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