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Poster: The Periodic Table of Antibodies

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table of Elements, one of the most significant scientific tools ever published, Absolute Antibody has created their own Periodic Table of Antibodies representing all the (100+) different engineered antibody formats that they have generated utilizing Sartorius innovative products and technologies for antibody discovery and development. Sartorius is proud to be part of Absolute Antibody’s development process in providing enabling technologies that allow for more accelerated and cost-efficient production of engineered antibodies.

Reference the poster to view the various antibody formats categorized by number of specificities, and as either Fc containing antibodies, antibody fragments, or  Fc fusion proteins.

Learn more about Sartorius solutions for Ab Discovery & Development at www.sartorius.com/mab-oncology.

Interested in what each format is? You can view and print the table with a full legend by simply completing the form below.

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