NEW eBook: Overcoming Challenges in High Density Cell Culture Harvesting During Antibody Development

Since the first monoclonal antibody (mAb) drug was approved by the US FDA in 1986, market demand for these targeted therapeutics has continued to grow. While there are well-defined, templated processes for development and manufacture, the need to improve the efficiency of mAb production through increased yield and reduced costs remains a critical imperative for the industry.

This eBook includes a collection of articles and features describing innovative solutions to accelerate and streamline the process of harvesting antibodies from high titer upstream workflows.   

Key Topics:

  • Facilitating mammalian cell culture development
  • Overcoming the challenges of high density cell culture harvesting
  • Optimizing the cell culture workflow with diatomaceous earth
  • Preview of a webinar on body feed filtration for accelerated harvesting

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