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Application Note: Intellicyt® Mouse IgG Type and Titer Assay Kit: A Novel Solution to Expedite Antibody Discovery

Monoclonal antibodies (mAb) are one of the fastest-growing classes of biopharmaceuticals for multiple clinical indications including cancer, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders and infectious disease. In the antibody discovery workflow, primary screens identify IgG expressing mouse hybridoma and/or B cell clones with specific antigen binding attributes which are subsequently characterized through IgG isotyping, antibody quantification, and cell health assays. This multi-step process yields the critical information needed to identify and isolate the correct genetic material for downstream production clone creation.

Intellicyt has developed a novel solution to disruptively improve these steps in the traditional workflow. The Mouse IgG Type and Titer Kit is a single, multiplexed assay that simultaneously quantifies IgG isotype, IgG quantity per isotype, total IgG secretion, cell count and cell health. Benefits include:

  • Save time and reagents by combining 3 assays in a high throughput, miniaturized format
  • No sample dilution steps needed with high dynamic range competition approach
  • Eliminate variability of wash steps with simple mix and read protocol
  • Easily identify isotyped, monoclonal populations of high producers with healthy cells for downstream genetic isolation

Learn more about Sartorius solutions for mAb Discovery & Development at www.sartorius.com/mab-oncology.

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