Get Ready for a New Way of Aliquoting

Sartorius is about to break new ground by launching the Linkit®️ AX Aliquoting System: the ideal solution for aliquoting small quantities of process fluids. Linkit®️ AX simultaneously fills 10 Flexsafe®️ bags - fast, evenly, and reproducible batch-to-batch. 

Learn how to simplify your aliquoting operations and register for exclusive pre-launch information prior to the market introduction at the end of October.

10x Faster Aseptic Filling

The Linkit®️ AX Aliquoting System eliminates the need for handling bulky and complicated traditional manifolds. Its fully assembled, compact, small footprint design is easily unpacked and positioned onto a balance. As a fully closed system, sterility can be maintained. The system has been designed to only require one connection, either with a single-use aseptic connector or an aseptic welding operation. 

  • Prepare small-batch media faster
  • Eliminate contamination risks
  • Simplify aliquoting operations
  • Ensure repeatable aliquoting
  • Reduce costs with plug-and-play single-use setup

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