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Learn more about Sartorius' new high-end balance Cubis® II.

For scientists in R&D and analytical laboratories needing the most reliable lab weighing results, the Cubis® II from Sartorius is a completely configurable, high performance portfolio of balance hardware and software that will align with your unique demands and compliance requirements to maximize operational efficiency and experimental outcomes.
All modules of the Cubis® II balance were designed for an intuitive operation, further aided by intelligent diagnostic systems. These design elements guarantee a higher degree of repeatability for different workflows while lowering the probability of human error during measurement.

Whitepaper: Measuring Uncertainty - A New Software Function for Dynamic Display of the Uncertainty of Measurement in Cubis II Balances

The QApp “Measuring Uncertainty” is a new software function available in the QApp Pharma Package of Sartorius’s Cubis II premium balances.

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Application Highlight: Cubis II Loss on Drying

Loss on Drying is a back-weighing application to determine the amount of volatile matter in tablets, capsules, or bulky material. Samples are weighed before and after treatment, and the weight difference is measured. According to the US Pharmacopoeia Chapter 731 (USP Chapter 731) 1–2 g of sample is mixed; for large particles the size is reduced to about 2 mm by quickly crushing. If tablets are to be tested, the powder of not less than 4 tablets must be used; For capsules, the mixed contents of not less than 4 capsules must be used.

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Whitepaper: Magnetism—an Influencing Factor on Weighing

Magnetism and electricity are natural phenomena, which have been known since ancient times. In 1820, Danish physicist Hans Christian Oersted noticed that a compass needle was deflected when held near a wire through which an electric current flowed. He concluded that a current-carrying conductor is surrounded by a magnetic field that affects the compass needle. Today, the interaction of electricity and magnetism is explained using an elegant physical theory summed up in the Maxwell equations.

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Application Highlight: Fogging Test with Cubis® II

The purpose of the fogging test is to assist manufacturers of materials used in the interior of vehicles and the companies that use the products in identifying and developing products that outgas SVOCs at a reduced rate.

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Application Highlight: MYCAP® CCX Processing with Cubis® II

The Cubis®️ II software application Mycap®️ CCX processing offers the transfer of media or inoculum between Mycap®️ Erlenmeyer flasks using peristaltic pumps.

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Application Highlight: Standard Preparation with Cubis®️ II

External standards are separate samples used for comparison to test samples, whereas internal standards are added to the samples to be analyzed. However, all standards have a defined concentration of one or several known component(s). The concentration of these standards must be as accurate as possible to prevent subsequent errors in determining unknown concentrations in samples.

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Infographic: Charge Neutralizing Technology Ensures Accurate Weighing

In Partnership with Labmanager
Analytical balances with integrated electrostatic charge neutralizing technology are a compact and effective solution to address static charges and ensure accuracy for a wide range of analytical weighing applications.

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Application Article: Effects of Static Electricity on Analytical Weighing

Among the various options for eliminating static electricity during analytical weighing, there are simple, low-cost measures available. However, due to the current metrological and practical limitations, many of these measures are difficult and time-consuming to use.

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Application Highlight: Formulation QApps Using a Database with Cubis®️ II

This is the use case description for the QApps Formulation flexible tare and Formulation single vessel. Both of these QApps have the ability to create recipes and save them in a shared database. 

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Free Webinar: Data Integrity & the Next Level of Connectivity in a Modern Lab

Join this webcast to learn how to fulfill data integrity in the paperless lab with an intelligent instrument design. 

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Application Highlight: Pipette Check to Standard DIN with Cubis II

According to Standard DIN EN ISO 8655-2 volumetric measuring instruments such as piston pipettes must be checked at regular intervals but at least once per year.

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Application Highlight: Tablet Check | Check of Tablets and Capsules With Cubis®️ II

According to European pharmacopoeia to ensure the consistency of dosage units tablets and capsules containing 25 mg or more of an active substance(s) must be checked.

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21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Checklist

The Cubis®️ II balance, with the pharma package, contains all the technical controls to support compliance with common regulations. Full compliance can be achieved with additional procedural controls and systems for long-term data storage. This checklist helps you to keep an eye on relevant details of the regulation. In addition, you can see how Cubis®️ II is offering solutions to be fully pharma compliant.

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Application Note: Integration of Sartorius Cubis® II Premium Balances into STARLIMS™ from Abbott Informatics

Direct instrument integration into a LIMS is an essential task to reduce the need for manual recording, which negates the potential for errors, gives back operator time, and reduces data redundancy.

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How to Achieve Optimal Weighing Performance with Cubis® II High-resolution Balances

Scientists in R&D or analytical laboratories need the most reliable lab weighing results. The Cubis®️ II platform from Sartorius provides a completely configurable, high-performance portfolio of both lab weighing hardware and software to meet the customers expectation on the highest level.

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Advanced Compliance For Use in Regulated Sectors

Sartorius’s Cubis® II is designed to follow US FDA data integrity principles that require data to be accurate, legible, contemporaneous, original, and attributable (ALCOA).

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