Tools to Support COVID-19 Patient Testing

To prepare adequate healthcare measures in the case of a pandemic, vast numbers of people must be tested in order to understand the dynamics and behavior of the infection cycle. The medical staff working under extreme circumstances need basic but reliable lab supplies to help contain the pandemic. In line with CDC and WHO guidelines: supporting solutions for your RT-PCR and ELISA workflow.

Addressing key needs in your daily COVID-19 testing efforts. RNA preparation, cDNA synthesis, and RT-qPCR/ELISA are pipetting-intensive protocols, yet precision and accuracy during pipetting is easily compromised, especially when pipetting the large numbers of samples required during SARS-CoV-2 testing. Rapid and reliable test results are vital. You need to use the right pipette and filter tips. Sartorius’s single-/multi-channel mechanical (Tacta) and electronic pipettes (Picus® & Picus® NxT), when used in combination with our RNase/DNase-free sterile barrier tips, provide optimal results, while also ensuring maximum comfort due to the light-weight, ergonomic design, and a levered ejection system. You will meet the prescribed decontamination guidelines for coronavirus testing because Sartorius’s pipettes are made with appropriately resistant materials, allowing easy cleaning/decontamination protocols.

Lab Supplies: Pipettes and aerosol barrier tips for COVID-19 testing 

Picus Electronic Pipettes

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Aerosol Barrier Filter Pipette Tips

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Tacta Mechanical Pipettes

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SafetySpace Filter Tips — Filter Tip to Protect from Contamination

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Brochure: Picus® NxT Electronic Pipettes Ergonomic, Efficient, & Safe

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Brochure: Tacta® Mechanical Pipettes — Perfectly Balanced

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App note: How to pipette PCR Master mix for increased accuracy in qPCR results

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Poster: How to Clean Your Pipette

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Cleaning and Decontamination Guide for Sartorius Pipettes

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The global reach of coronavirus means that PCR-grade water for testing must be available at all times and at all locations. Sartorius's arium ultrapure water systems guarantee an on-demand supply of nuclease-free water, when and where it’s needed. With an arium system, there’s no need to worry about warehouse stocks of bottled water or logistical challenges the pandemic is placing on supply chains. Your arium system will supply exactly the volume of PCR-grade water you need for all your PCR workflows.

Throughout the RNA, DNA, RT-PCR handling process, you need the highest-grade water (ultrapure, deionized) on-site, especially in newly established testing units. The Sartorius arium® mini series, in combination with the arium CellPlus Ultrafilter, as well as the arium® pro VF or UF with integrated Ultrafilter, offers the flexible and space-saving solution for your coronavirus testing needs at the point-of-use. RNase/DNase and endotoxin-free water will be available with constant high quality.

Lab Supplies: Nuclease-free water  for COVID-19 testing 

arium® mini Lab Water Systems

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arium® pro Ultrapure Lab Water Systems

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Brochure: arium® mini – Compact Ultrapure Water Systems for 10 Liters per Day

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Whether it's blood samples (5ml) or centrifugation steps in the later stages  (< 1.5-2 ml) of the SARS-CoV-2 testing procedure (e.g. RNA preparation, cDNA synthesis) the Centrisart® Centrifuge Family covers all volume ranges needed to complete the Coronavirus testing process. The low profile allows a convenient sample loading, along with customizable acceleration/ deceleration settings and precise temperature control, maximizing the success rate of the Coronavirus sample preparation process.

The Centrisart® Centrifuge Family portfolio ranges from very compact and space-saving micro-centrifuges to universally applicable benchtop centrifuges with a total capacity of up to 1,600 mL. Perfect for nucleic acid isolation for PCR testing.

Lab Supplies: Centrifuges for COVID-19 testing 

Centrisart® A-14 Micro-Centrifuge

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Centrisart® A-14C Refrigerated Micro-Centrifuge & Rotor YCSR-A1C

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Centrisart® Centrifuges — The Ultimate Speed. Maximum Reliability.

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