Picus® Electronic Pipettes.

Picus®, the winner of the Red Dot design award and the Fennia Prize Honorary Mention in 2012, is Sartorius’ newest, and most ergonomic, pipette in the Biohitfamily. Designed to revolutionise pipetting, it is the lightest electronic pipette on the market. This enables it to ease the user’s workload and provides protection from repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Its new generation technology, electronic brake and piston control system guarantee accurate and precise pipetting results. By guiding pipetting steps, the unique plate tracker increases reliability in microwell plate work. Picus® is available in single-channel models, covering a volume range of 0.2-10 000 μl and in multichannel models from 0.2 μl to 1200 μl.


Picus® is amazingly ergonomic and
really easy to program

Enjoy pipetting

Our lightest and smallest electronic pipette protects you from RSI (repetitive strain injury) and eases your workload in long pipetting series.

The new ergonomic design ensures an optimal working posture and comfortable pipetting.

The effortless, electronic tip ejection saves your hand from strain.

Achieve Reliable Results

New generation technology – the electronic brake and piston control system – guarantee accurate and precise pipetting results.

A unique plate tracker increases reliability in microwell plate work, by guiding pipetting steps.

Fully electronic operation guarantees user-independent results.

Learn to Use it in a Minute!

Intuitive user interface – learn the main functions easily without a manual. Learn the main functions easily without a manual.

Fastest volume setting and easy menu navigation with unique adjustment wheel.

Hot key – quick access to your favourite programs, easing routine and repetetive work


It’s hard to understand that any electronic device
can be this light (only 100 g)


  • Lightest and smallest electronic pipette (only 100 g)
  • Comfortable handle design and finger hook
  • Unique electronic tip ejection
  • Together with our distinquished Pipetting Academy training program, Picus® will help you improve your health and safety in the lab

New generation technology

  • Enhanced DC-motor concept takes Picus® a step beyond the existing technological solutions providing outstanding performance
  • Electronic brake stops the piston movement rapidly and precisely ensuring high precision especially in serial dispensing
  • Optical sensor controls and monitors piston movement in real time ensuring unbeatable accuracy and reliability

Microwell plate tracker

  • Unique built-in tracker for 96 and 384 well plates guides the user to pipette into correct wells
  • Improves work effi ciency and reliability of results
  • Tracker is an optional feature used in conjunction with Pipetting, Reverse Pipetting and Multi Dispensing modes

Adjustment wheel

  • Offers extremely fast volume setting and easy menu navigation
  • Enables ergonomic one-handed operation
  • Controls accurately manual pipetting and titrating speed with just a light touch of the thumb

Technical features

  • Calibration adjustment in 1-, 2- or 3-points
  • Information for the service and calibration intervals
  • Autoclavable lower parts (excl. 1200 μl models)
  • Charging in charging stand or with micro USB cable
  • Possible to continue working with USB charging connected
  • Li-Polymer battery enables charging time in approx. 1 hour

Pipetting modes

Main mode -
Available in all Picus® models
Additional functions -
to be used in conjunction with the main mode

Tracker MixingCounterExcess
Reverse Pipetting    
Manual Pipetting      
Multi Dispensing  
Sequential Dispensing    
Multi Aspiration     

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