Integrity Testing with Sartocheck 5 plus

Who should attend:
This training is designed for beginners as well as users of Integrity test devices e.g. operators, production manager, people from quality control departments.

Course Content:

  • Different integrity test methods
  • Learn how to program and run a test
  • Perform trouble shooting
  • Understand the possibilities of risk management
  • Learn about importance of data integrity and automation

Venue of the course:
Sartorius Headquarters in Goettingen/Germany

For courses in the Asia and Americas regions, please use the contact form.

Course dates:
Please get in touch with us as by e-email as have not set a fixed date for this training, approx. until the end of Q3/2021, due to the pandemic and its restrictions.

Training hours:
1-day training

Training fee:

 780 € plus VAT for 1-day training

Bundle Price:
2 training courses: 1400 € plus VAT
3 training courses: 1985 € plus VAT

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