C1 - Sterilization and Integrity Testing of Membrane Filters

Target group: Technicians and scientists with little or no previous knowledge in the field of filtration.

In this training course, participants learn theoretical knowledge and practical skills in handling the filters employed for sterile filtration.

The theoretical aspects include:

  • Basic principles of filtration
    • Depth filters | membrane filters
    • Hydrophobic | hydrophilic filters
    • Retention mechanisms
  • Integrity testing of membrane filters
    • Regulatory requirements
    • Integrity testing methods
  • Physical theoretical principles of steam sterilization of filter lines

Practical exercises:

  • Manual determination of bubble point | diffusion
  • Automated integrity testing
  • Bubble point test | diffusion test
    • Integrity testing of hydrophobic filters using the water intrusion test (WIT)
    • Trouble shooting
  • Hands-on exercises for in-line steam sterilization of filter cartridges

There are no special classes required for this seminar.

Seminar Number: C1

Course language:


Course dates:

on request

Begin first day:

09:00 h

End last day:

16:30 h


Dr. Mathias Siebner

Course fee:

1130 EUR (plus VAT)


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