Sterilization and Integrity Testing of Membrane Filters

Dead End Filtration Processes in Biopharmaceutical Production

Target group:
Process engineers, production managers or others requiring an overall knowledge

Course Content:

Gain an overview of the principles of filtration

Depth | Pre-filter | Sterilizing grade | Mycoplasma | Virus filter

Hydrophobic | Hydrophilic filter materials

Retention mechanisms

Understand the requirements of different process steps

Upstream | Downstream | Form&Fill

Comprehend the need of filtration in various biopharmaceutical applications

Stainless steel vs. Single use filters

Guided tour to the Sartorius filter manufacturing site

Please note that you can book this training as a combination: Part 02 "Integrity Testing with Sartocheck® 5" and Part 03 "Integrity Testing: Regulatory requirements and current changes".

All 3 parts can be booked as well as 3 individual training courses.
Prices will change accordingly: 1 part of any of the filtration courses: 780 EUR | 2 parts of any of the filtration courses 1400 EUR | 3 parts of the filtration courses 1985 EUR. All prices plus VAT.

Seminar: Dead end filtration processes in biopharmaceutical production

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Course dates:



Begin first day:

09:00 am

09:00 am

End last day:

05:00 pm

05:00 pm


Dedicated trainer and/or
application specialists from Sartorius

Dedicated trainer and/or
application specialists from Sartorius

Course fee:

780 EUR (plus VAT)

780 EUR (plus VAT)


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