C2 - Filter Optimization and Scale-up

Target group: Technicians and scientists with little previous knowledge in the field of filtration.

There is always room for improvement in any process. Reducing costs per liter, improving yield and implementing efficient process times while increasing product and process reliability are the major success factors for any company. This course can help you to find the optimal process solution for your specific application.

Theoretical aspects include:

  • Depth filters / membrane filters
  • Construction and formats
  • Filter clogging mechanisms
  • Selection of pre- and final filter materials
  • Evaluation of the test results

Practical exercises:

  • Constant flow and constant pressure trials
  • Pre- and final filter optimization trials
  • Small scale filterability trials
  • Confirmation of test results with small pleated filter elements
  • Introduction to Zero-T software
  • Scale-up calculations

There are no special classes reqiured for this seminar

Seminar number: C2

Course language:


Course dates | venue:

on request

Sartorius Campus, Goettingen

Course duration:

1 day


09:00 h


16:30 h


Dr. Mathias Siebner

Course fee:



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