A5 - ambr® 15 Cell Culture Basic Training

Who should attend: Scientists and Technicians new to using 
ambr® 15 on a regular basis.

The primary focus of this course is to provide new users a com-
prehensive introduction to using the ambr® 15 software, in order
that they can design and create their own experiments.

Attendees will be provided with the opportunity to learn about
the general after-care of the system.

This course covers:

  • Introduction to the ambr 15 cell culture system, labware and
  • system care overview
  • Experimental design, culture volume planning & process writing
  • DoE tagging, pH offsets, inoculation steps, sampling
  • Fault finding
  • Data import, results functions, data management, proofreading

Seminar number: A5


Sartorius College, Goettingen
Course duration: 3 days

Seminar schedule:

Begin first day:

09:00 am

End last day:

04:00 pm


ambr Application Specialist

Course fee:

Price on request

Course dates:

All training courses will be held in English. If you would like to register, please refer to us via e-mail: tc-europe@sartorius.com

25 - 27 August
29 Sep - 01 Oct 2020
03 - 05 November 2020
30 Nov - 03 December 2020

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