A4 - Advanced Bioprocess Control

Who should attend: Technicians and scientists working in process development or production with knowledge in cell culture and bioreactor technology. Basic knowledge on bioprocess control is helpful, e. g. from basic course Bioprocess Control.

This training delivers theoretical and practical approaches for specific control of complex bioprocesses. You will learn advanced optimization and process control strategies as well as their application by using simulation experiments within a virtual bioreactor. Model organisms are Saccharomyces cerevisae or animal cell culture.


  • Control of bioprocesses with P-, PI- and PID controllers
  • Complex control loops
  • Cascade control
  • Complex control strategies for temperature, pO2 | DO and pH in microbial processes or cell culture
  • Specific process control strategies in microbial and cell culture processes

Practical simulation experiments with the virtual training bioreactor:

  • Control of pO2 | DO (PID)
  • Control of pO2 | DO by different controller settings
  • pH value
  • Fermentation | cultivation by multivariable control

Seminar number: A4

Course Language: German
Course dates | Venue:11.04. - 12.04.2019
Sartorius Campus, Goettingen

Seminar schedule:

Begin first day:09:00 h
End last day:16:00 h
Instructor:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker C. Hass
Course fee:

1080,00 Euro (excl. VAT)