A2 - Microbial High Cell Density Cultivation

Who should attend: Technicians and scientists who have a basic knowledge of microbiology, cultivation of microorganisms and molecular biology.

We will work in small groups on High Cell Density Cultivations of Escherichia coli and Pichia pastoris at lab scale bioreactors. Different process strategies and projections for the supply of cells with the essential media components will be examined theoretically and demonstrated in the lab. The entire process chain from a customized expression system via directed information retrieval and evaluation with Design of Experiments tools to the point of the simulation of a cultivation in a virtual bioreactor will be activated, demonstrated or actively executed by the participants.

Key aspects will be the choice or construction of suitable expression systems, an efficient cultivation up to high cell densities (High Cell Density Cultivation – HCDC) with partly new cultivation strategies and the certain handling with different lab scale bioreactors. We will discuss the instrumentation of bioreactors, the design and analysis of experiments and the simulation of a cultivation.

Theoretical and practical aspects include:

  • Cultivation and feeding strategies
  • Composition of media for High Cell Density Cultivation
  • Handling of bench scale bioreactors in HCDCs
  • Advanced instrumentation of bioreactors
  • Virtual bioreactor (simulation, process control)
  • Oxygen demand and oxygen transfer
  • Data acquisition and analysis, esign of experiments (DoE)
  • Expression systems for E. coli und P. pastoris

! Optimal ratio of one trainer to two participants, working together on a bioreactor.

There are no special classes required for this seminar

Seminar number: A2

Course Language: English

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no date available in 2019; course held on request

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2.530,00 Euro (excl. VAT)