Sensorics for Bioprocessing

Integrating Sensors and Process Analytic Tools (PATs) With Bioprocessing

Integrating sensors and Process Analytic Tools (PATs) with bioprocessing is critical for timely measurements of key attributes to ensure drug product quality during the manufacturing process. Complete and real-time measurements lead to more stable and efficient processes and hence reproducibly high-quality assurance.

Our goal is to provide full integration of ready-to-use inline sensors for both upstream and downstream processes to enable the right-first-time R&D approach and reduce the time to market. We have initiated a workstream to expand PAT tools applicable across multiple modalities.

Our research covers sensors for real-time monitoring of process parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen tension (DO), cell concentration and product titer, as well as drug product quality attributes such as glycan profile, charge variants, and process impurities such as residual DNA, and host cell protein. Many product quality attributes are currently performed offline using mostly microplate assays, which takes several days to execute. Integrating real-time measurement of these quality attributes would be time and cost-effective and very impactful.

Our partners are pioneers in industry and academia in several projects spanning gamma stable, single-use electrochemical sensors, optical sensors, and non-invasive spectroscopic and ultrasound sensors to support the path towards continuous and autonomous biomanufacturing.