Plastic Sustainability

Plastics are everywhere in our daily lives, bringing many economic and environmental benefits we sometimes do not appreciate.

At Sartorius, our goal is to contribute to a future, where more people have access to better medicine, and to operate responsibly over the long term. Even though health care single-use plastics represent less than two percent of total plastic produced yearly, we have initiated a program to seize all opportunities offered by the New Plastic Economy as defined by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. We collaborate with front runners in packaging, polymer, recycling and design with both academic and industrial partners to identify how to continuously improve the environmental impact of our single-use technology.

Our research covers all the steps through the product life cycle. Materials used in the biotech industry are carefully selected to achieve the requested properties, without releasing any harmful by-products along the product life cycle and to ensure batch-to-batch consistency. These are design aligned with plastic material safety as stated in the Circular Economy guidelines. Our challenge is to reduce the use of virgin plastic by using biosourced or recycled plastics and to evaluate recycling options while maintaining the quality of our products and reduce our climate impact. Learn more about Sartorius’ Corporate Responsibility.

Proposed literature