Digitizing Labs and Workflows of the Future

Digital technologies are continuously transforming the world and provide support in almost every aspect of our private and professional life. Innovations in   hardware and software technology provide tremendous potential for the life sciences and biotech/biopharma industry. We are driving research into cutting-edge digital solutions to tackle the industry challenges such as unified data handling, plug-and-play equipment connectivity and decision-based paperless workflows concept areas, researched in collaboration with academia and industrial partners that include innovative human-machine-interaction concepts, novel data taxonomy/storage solutions, and deep learning applications.

These digital tools aim to drive efficiency, reproducibility and transferability of laboratory workflows to manufacturing. They will support strategies for prediction/simulation and advanced control strategies towards autonomous workflows. The introduction of digital workflows aims to accelerate the time to market for newly developed pharmaceuticals and enabling a right first-time R&D approach. The implemented solutions shall act as an enabler for scientists to work on creative solutions to complex tasks by removing barriers of manual and error-prone work. We are actively contributing to already established and emerging industry standards for scientific data aggregation, processing and equipment connectivity.