Advanced Mammalian BioManufacturing Innovation Center

Sartorius is a member of the Advanced Mammalian BioManufacturing Innovation Center (AMBIC).  The mission of AMBIC is to develop enabling technologies, tools and methods that apply high-throughput and genome-based approaches to fast-track advanced biomanufacturing processes. Sartorius provides mentoring expertise to key project topics, as well as the integration of a non-commercial cell line into AMBIC academic research projects. By partnering with academic institutions, pharma companies, start-ups and tech companies, Sartorius continues to expand access to innovative opportunities.

AMBIC is the first U.S. research consortium dedicated to mammalian cell culture upstream development focusing on Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells, the principal biopharmaceutical production host of industry. The consortium brings together leading academic and industrial biotechnologists focused on mammalian cell culture manufacturing at a pre-competitive research level to address the industrially relevant complex problems in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. These combined areas of expertise ultimately serve to improve biopharmaceuticals access to patients and lower overall health care costs for consumers.

Founded by Professor Mike Betenbaugh from Johns Hopkins University, AMBIC is supported by five U.S. universities and 25 industrial mid- to large size companies. The consortium executes a portfolio of industrially relevant projects, including building CHO cell mechanistic models, establishing biomarkers for CHO cell stability, and better understanding the epigenome to maximize productivity.