Student Program

Engagement with students is one of our strategic activities that allows us to tap into creative young minds and build networks and relationships for the future.

Figure 1: Sartorius Corporate Research Student program’s contributions to students - both professional and personal development, including general and more specific aspects.

Our mindset is to be flexible and innovative in our work, using new technologies and developing novel methods, and to establish long-term relationships that create win-win situations for all the parties involved. In the scope of the Student Program, we have adopted a holistic approach of interacting with students founded in a student-centered perspective, including professional and personal development.

Engagement of students in Corporate Research projects is also a strategic component of our research activities with academia. It allows us to be exposed to the creativity of ‘young brains’ and to get input regarding new ideas, perspectives and solutions. It also gives us the possibility for technical evaluation of new ideas that might result in IP generation. Joint research projects with the best scientific and engineering minds in our domain in the scope of MSc, PhD, Postdocs guarantee the academic pursuit in our work. They also serve as basis for networking, future collaborations and recruitment opportunities.

We are actively working with increasing the level of our visibility among students globally.  Currently, we are targeting students in Sweden and Canada, and expanding to other countries such as Germany, France, and UK.