Aug 05, 2021

People at Sartorius: Peter Fu

"When you’re ambitious and passionate, opportunities are everywhere."

Peter Fu joined Sartorius in Beijing in 2014 with a master’s degree in microbiology and biochemical pharmacology, and five years of work experience.  Read about how the expert for filtration and purification has built his career alongside the growth of the company, and what he finds special about Sartorius in this interview.  

This article is posted on Sartorius Blog.

Peter, when you joined Sartorius in September 2014, the company had a revenue of about 890 million Euros. Six years later, it has increased to 2.3 billion Euros in 2020. How would you describe the company’s progress and your personal development in this time?

In the past years, I have seen the rapid development of Sartorius along with the massive progress in the biopharmaceutical industry. We constantly manage to introduce new products and technologies. In my field, these would be clarification and filtration systems, ultrafiltration technology, and virus removal technology. All of which were developed with the ambition to help our customers simplify the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process. Sartorius conducts a lot of research and development and also expands through acquisitions. That’s how the company  develops, and I am positive that it will continue to do so in the future.  

Personally, these past seven years have been a very important stage in my life. In terms of work, I got the chance to participate in a Leadership Program and have found my ideal career. My time at Sartorius has allowed me to broaden my horizon and refine my professional skills, such as communication, collaboration, leadership, and thinking strategically from a variety of perspectives. At the same time, I have become a father of two children and had to adapt new roles and responsibilities in my private life, too.

Looking back at your own career path, what is your advice for young professionals, and how can they actively develop their careers?  

I joined Sartorius as an Application Specialist and managed to work my way up, becoming the National Virus & Crossflow Project Leader for China and in 2020 taking up a team leader position as Manager of Separation China. Today, only one year later, I have stepped into the role of Manager of Field Application Specialist Chromatography China. The company has continuously encouraged my further development in this process. When you’re ambitious and passionate, opportunities are everywhere. Sartorius has a variety of career development options available according to your expertise and career plan and offers a lot of trainings: Both technical and managerial talents can find their way. All you need is to set your goal and direction, take advantage of opportunities, and prove yourself. Then let time witness your growth.

Sartorius to me is a platform that brings together diverse people, encouraging them to learn from and support each other.

What do you appreciate most about Sartorius?

Just look at the company’s values – they are the ultimate answer to this question: Sustainability, openness, and enjoyment. Every person here upholds this philosophy, I believe. I feel proud of providing added value for our customers, shortening the cycle to bring new drugs to market and contributing to creating better health for mankind with my expertise. For example, we recently helped a vaccine development company increase their production capacity by 10% by implementing our process optimization solution. I find this very rewarding. It’s the novel products and technologies and the exciting challenges that keep me enthusiastic about my work. We have many experienced people on board, who have served the industry for decades, as well as passionate young people who have just started their career and are keen to perform and grow. Sartorius to me is a platform that brings together diverse people, encouraging them to learn from and support each other. This is how everyone grows alongside the company. 

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