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Preliminary Results for Fiscal 2015

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Download a brief overview of Sartorius and its current economic development.

Fact Sheet 2016 (Preliminary Figures) (283 KB)

Annual Report 2014


Sartorius Grows by Double Digits in Sales and Profit in 2015 – Positive Outlook for 2016 – Targets for 2020 Updated

Financial targets achieved or exceeded: Group sales revenue up 16.0%; underlying EBITDA up 40.9% | Number of staff increased by around 10% to around 6,200 | Acquisitions successfully integrated;...[more]

Date 01.02.2016     Category Corporate, Sartorius

Sartorius Donates to Healthcare of Refugees in Northern Iraq

Annual initiative “Christmas Donations Instead of Gifts” | Charitable health organization action medeor receives 75,000 euros[more]

Date 09.12.2015     Category Corporate, Sartorius

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