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Nine-Month 2015 Results

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Download a brief overview of Sartorius and its current economic development.

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Annual Report 2014


Trends in biologics production: A Review on the 2015 Upstream and Downstream Forum

Cell production facilities meet the growing demands of pharma industry | Disposables are more and more widely employed | Advances in bioprocessing enable faster, cleaner and more effective production...[more]

Date 23.10.2015     Category Corporate, Sartorius

Nine-month Figures for 2015: Sartorius Grows in Strong Double Digits in Order Intake, Sales Revenue and Earnings

Expansion of Bioprocess Solutions stronger than expected yet again; positive development in Lab Products & Services | Overproportionate increase in earnings | Forecast for the full year raised [more]

Date 20.10.2015     Category Corporate, Sartorius

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