Our Employees Are a Key Success Factor for Our Future.

Sartorius is growing rapidly. We add more than 1,000 new employees to our staff each year and more than 14,000 employees around the globe contribute to the success of Sartorius today.

To ensure our future success, we continuously need to attract and retain talented, well-educated employees. Professional development, ownership of responsibility, and opportunities to advance within the company are important for our employees’ satisfaction. Such skills safeguard their employability and open up new professional growth opportunities.

Sartorius offers its employees all the benefits of a global corporation as well as the opportunity to make change happen and, together with a motivated team, to shape the future. Positivity in the workplace, lack of hierarchies, quick decision-making and open lines of communication form the basis of our collaboration. Our policy on labor practices and social standards are clearly defined based on a standardized approach.

Sartorius offers a broad range of continuing education courses consisting of management and communication training seminars, as well as technical training sessions, at all sites. Mandatory annual performance reviews between employees and their managers provide a forum for discussing performance, goals and individual development opportunities. We conduct all annual performance reviews worldwide using the same criteria. Sartorius fills management positions from within whenever possible.

Diversity is more than creating equal opportunities for men and women. It is about acknowledging individual differences and embracing the kaleidoscope of our multi-cultural world. Beyond gender, diversity also includes age, ethnicity, disability, religion and sexual orientation as well as education, professional experience, marital status, parenthood and geographic locations. It is Sartorius’ basic attitude to be open to diversity.

Incorporating diversity at all levels within our organization is a strategic objective. We actively recruit and hire talent with a mix of cultures, genders, age groups, educational backgrounds and careers, especially in management positions. The benefits of diverse perspectives and experiences results in better understanding our customers, developing customized solutions and remaining competitive in a global economy.

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As an international operating company, we conduct business in various regions and markets. People from six continents and 77 nations work closely together at Sartorius. The company’s global network shapes our daily work with most departments including employees from many locations, and project teams comprised with international members. Our procurement and sales force also reflect Sartorius’ diverse corporate culture.

The proportion of women in our workforce has been steadily increasing during the past few years. At the end of 2018, it was 38 percent.

Aligned with the German Act on Equal Participation of Women and Men in Executive Positions in the Private and Public Sectors, Sartorius has set targets to increase the number of women in the two levels of management below the Executive Board. By 2022, the company plans to increase the amount of women at these management levels to 30 percent. For the current deadline of June 30, 2022, the Supervisory Board decided on the target of appointing at least one woman to the Executive Board.

Sartorius actively integrates disabled employees into its workforce. All new buildings at Sartorius sites in Germany are designed to be barrier-free. A Group disability officer oversees a team that has been supporting employees with special needs in the German offices since 2014. While Sartorius meets the regulated standards at all its companies, it surpasses them significantly at its German sites.

Sartorius adheres to high safety standards to minimize job-related medical conditions, health risks, and potential industrial accidents. The basic principles on occupational safety and health protection are defined throughout Sartorius in its corporate policy on workplace safety and health. We incorporate guidance from the International Labor Organization (ILO) as well as national regulations and recommendations. We continually improve our job safety and work organization conditions. Planned, mandatory employee training on occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection ensure that our staff members recognize risks and avoid them accordingly.

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