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Because No Day Is like Any Other

Our staff members all have something in common: they enjoy digital transformation and are committed to driving the success of Sartorius by coming up with innovative ideas. They focus on finding solutions that make daily work much easier and strengthen digital international collaboration. Become part of our team and enjoy the advantages of an open team culture in which advanced and agile work methods are spelled in capital letters.

International Collaboration

At Sartorius IT, more than 200 team members work at more than twelve sites across the globe – people of all ages, from a variety of cultures and with the most diverse backgrounds. The latest technologies enable us to collaborate every day across country borders. We appreciate this diversity and benefit from getting to know and bringing in other points of view.

Room for Ideas to Grow

Each and every day, we learn something new, whether as a result of rapid market developments or from our internal customers, whose challenges we meet with innovative products. In addition to taking care of our daily business, we hold the IT InnoDay regularly to ensure that there is plenty of room for ideas to grow. According to the motto "Think outside the box," our employees at this event challenge creative ideas for one entire day and develop a concept and an innovative customer solution.

Team Spirit and Fun

In IT, we focus on delivering services to our coworkers that enable them to work more efficiently. At the same time, we are a large IT family that regularly exchanges ideas and has fun together: whether in joint projects, at departmental events at one of our international sites or at an evening team cooking event in Göttingen, Germany. Even though IT primarily revolves around technology, we focus on people.

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Our Main Topics

Our IT Department provides services for applications as well as digital infrastructures and takes care of software development – and accomplishes all this worldwide. IT focuses among others on the following subjects that are of key strategic importance to us.

Digital Networking and Collaboration

With the #BeConnected initiative, we aim to reach a new level of digital collaboration. One goal is to provide all employees with a standard tool set installed on every personal computer worldwide. This applies to telephony, chat, video and online conferences, data exchange and task management. Building on this, we strive to train employees so that they can easily work with these tools. In this effort, feedback from the departments is very important.

Security of the Company

Cybercriminality is a growing threat. To protect our data, we use the latest technologies and are constantly extending these. However, personal attacks by phishing e-mails cannot be excluded and pose a high security risk. For this reason, we continuously train and make Sartorius employees aware of this risk so that they can respond appropriately in an emergency.

Women in IT

Our share of women is 17%. We would like this percentage to further increase and look forward to receiving numerous applications. Here are some of the voices of our female employees who tell us what fascinates them about their work.

Simone Deutschländer, Leasing- & Vendormanager

There is no standstill in IT. Every day, we see new challenges and no two days are the same. That makes it exciting and interesting at the same time.

Kathrin Jürgens, In-house Consultant SAP FI/CO

Working with colleagues from all over the world is just great. I’m constantly learning new things and gaining new experience.

Julia Preuß, Dual-Program Student in Computer Science and Business Technology

It is exciting to work in IT because this department has been growing for years. I always stay at the cutting edge of technology and don’t miss out on a single digital trend.

Lizzy Zhou, IT Business Partner Asia

My work as an IT Business Partner is fantastic, and it is so much fun to work with our international teams. It is interesting to support business for different IT demands, ranging from IT infrastructure to applications, by leveraging global tools and resources.

Manuela Wallmeier, SAP In-house Consultant PLM

Working in IT means supporting the company's new business areas. We help ensure that Sartorius is equipped for the future with the latest technologies.

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