Konstantin Konstantinov

Executive Vice President of Manufacturing and Process Sciences, Codiak Biosciences

Most recently pioneering an end-to-end integrated continuous biomanufacturing platform for Codiak, Konstantin Konstantinov has spent the last 23 years working on the development and commercialization of various products, including monoclonal antibodies, blood factors and enzymes expressed in mammalian cells. He has published 60 peer-reviewed papers and has more than 15 patents and patent applications.

Before joining Codiak, Konstantinov worked at Sanofi’s Boston Hub, where he was responsible for late-stage bioprocess and technology development, from cell banking to fill/finish/lyophilization.

Earlier in his career, Konstantinov spent 14 years advancing through the ranks at Bayer in Berkeley, California, reaching the position of Head of Process Sciences.

Konstantinov earned his Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering from Osaka University in Japan, and completed postdoctoral assignments at DuPont and the University of Delaware in Newark, USA.