Spotlighting More Than 150 Years of Sartorius

Spotlights from more than 150 years trace how we evolved from a precision mechanical workshop into a leading international life science group. Both then and today, our innovative tools have been helping researchers make scientific discoveries. Yet today we are entirely focusing on serving the biopharma sector - an industry that did not even exist 150 years ago.

Markets and technologies are evolving faster than ever. Our goal remains to help scientists and engineers develop and manufacture medications from the first idea to production – so more people will have access to better medicine.

1870 - 1926

From a Precision Mechanical Workshop to a Family Business

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1927 - 1949

A Period of Extremes: Developments for the Future and Third Reich

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1950 - 1968

Growth and Diversification during the German “Economic Miracle”

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1969 - 1989

Internationalization and Technological Change

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1990 - 2006

Turning Point: Going Public and Focus on Biopharma

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2007 - Today

Partner of Biopharmaceutical Research and Industry

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Sartorius 1870 - 2020

A team of authors examines the highs, lows, and technological advancements at Sartorius from a variety of viewpoints.

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Three renowned photographers explore the world of Sartorius in the three-part coffee-table book Process – People – Product.

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Sartorius during the Third Reich

Professor Manfred Grieger researched and documented the activities of the company and its entrepreneurs during the Nazi era.

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Too Big for the Old Works

Impressions, stories and pictures remind us of the old main plant, where Sartorius' heart beat for almost 120 years.

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Stories from the Sartorius-Archives

40 Years in Puerto Rico

In 1983, Sartorius opened its first international production site in Yauco, Puerto Rico.

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Life Science and Beyond

In 1969, the „giant leap for mankind“ also marked the beginning of Sartorius’ involvement in several space missions.

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Richard Zsigmondy and the Origins of Sartorius Filtration Technology

Learn how the collaboration with Nobel Laureate Richard Zsigmondy emerged as the historical core of today’s bioprocessing business.

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Brand History – The Evolution of the Sartorius Logo

Markets, technologies, and products continue to evolve – and so does the Sartorius logo.

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Going Public – Going Places

1990 marked a turning point in Sartorius' corporate history: The company, which had been family run until then, was restructured and went public.

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Early Tech Transfer: From Poultry Farming to Microbiology

More than 120 years ago, company founder Florenz Sartorius also ventured into the field of microbiology.

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15 Out of 150: A Travel Through Time

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