Filtration Units

Filtration units for the microbiological analysis of water, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages and other liquids. Sterilizable funnels or presterilized single-use filtration units help to mitigate the risks of secondary contamination and streamline your workflows.

Please use the product configurator to find the filtration unit that meets your needs.


Biosart® 250 Funnels  

Specifically designed for the microbiological and analytical quality assurance for fast filtration in routine analyses.

Microsart® Funnels  

Quickly perform filtrations required in the microbiological analysis of water, food and beverages, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Filtration Units

Biosart® 100 Monitors

Ideal for the detection and enumeration of microorganisms in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, beverages, water and other liquids.

Microsart® @filter

Ready-to-use, sterile filter units combine a funnel and a gridded membrane filter in one unit.

Reusable Filter Holders

Individual stand-alone steel, glass or polycarbonate filter holders to be assembled on vacuum flasks or manifolds.