iPSC Therapy Research & Development

 iPSC Therapy Research & Development

Understanding the complexities of iPSCs and defining the differentiation protocols needed to deliver the desired cell and tissue types requires:

  • Controlling variability to ensure reproducibility of observations
  • Automating assays to enable throughput
  • Running assays at throughput to rapidly establish differentiation protocols and extensively validate differentiation markers
  • Characterizing the phenotype and function of iPSCs at every stage of differentiation to understand the underlying biology and refine the differentiation protocol
  • Gaining insight into iPSC differentiation and derivatives and establishing critical quality attributes (CQAs)

Sartorius iPSC Functional and Phenotypic Characterization Solution for R&D scientists enables the discovery and multiplexed screening validation of differentiation protocols, allowing you to accelerate transfer to process development and time to market 

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