Calibration & Preventative Maintenance

All precision instruments, such as pipettes, require both regular maintenance and calibration to maintain their accurate performance over time. That’s why Sartorius offers you a choice of full-range calibration and preventive maintenance services for all makes and models of pipettes: at our ISO 17025-accredited calibration centers available across the globe or field-based service technicians wherever you need them on site.

Why Choose Sartorius Pipette Services?

  • Accuracy and precision guaranteed by ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratories
  • Convenient “one-stop” service provider certified to calibrate all makes and models of pipettes – and more
  • Regular cleaning and decontamination of your liquid handling instruments assures the integrity of your work and minimizes cross-contamination

Our Hassle-free Services

  • Calibration according to ISO 8655 and your requirements, with the number of measurements and volumes tested based on your specific needs
  • Regular maintenance, cleaning and lubrication of pipettes according to your pipette manufacturer’s instructions
  • Certificates available for ISO 17025 accredited calibration

Just contact your local Sartorius representative for a quote on calibration and maintenance services.