Pipetting Accessories

Pipetting Accessories

The wide selection of Sartorius pipetting accessories keep your laboratory and instruments clean and in good order and make your pipetting safer and more comfortable. The pipette stands hold your pipettes in an upright position while not in use to avoid contamination from benches and tables, whereas the Safe-Cone Filters of the pipettes prevent contamination of the sample and the pipette while pipetting. Elbowpad supports ergonomic and comfortable pipetting.



721008 Safe-Cone Filter, standard, Ø 2.51 mm on request
721018 Safe-Cone Filter, plus, Ø 2.51 mm on request
721007 Safe-Cone Filter, standard, Ø 3.15 mm on request
721017 Safe-Cone Filter, plus, Ø 3.15 mm on request
721006 Safe-Cone Filter, standard, Ø 5.33 mm on request
721016 Safe-Cone Filter, plus, Ø 5.33 mm on request
721005 Safe-Cone Filter, standard, Ø 6.73 mm on request
721015 Safe-Cone Filter, plus, Ø 6.73 mm on request
721014 Safe-Cone Filter, standard, Ø 1.83 mm on request
790910 Tip box for refill tips, 10, 200 or 350 µl on request
790920 Tip box for refill tips, 1000 or 1200 µl on request
730981 Charging Stand for 1 pipette on request
730991 Charging Carousel for 4 electronic pipettes on request
725620 Linear Stand on request
LH-725630 Carousel Stand for 6 pipettes on request
725610 Pipette Holder on request
723103 Elbow Pad on request
783500 Reagent Vessel on request

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