Cell Therapy CAR-T cell attacking cancer cell

Cell Therapy

Discovery, Development, and Manufacturing of Cell Therapies

Cell-based therapies provide new opportunities to treat disease and offer hope to patients in need. Crossing the finish line with a new treatment takes determination and innovative thinking along with the right solutions to accelerate progress from R&D, to Process Development and Manufacturing, safely and cost effectively. 

  • Breakthrough: Transcend bottlenecks from bench to bedside by gaining translational insights with next generation cell- and protein analysis platforms  and mitigating cell, donor and process variability with automation and control
  • Build: Capture valuable cell and process information and build process knowledge by unifying 3D suspension culture systems with comprehensive characterization through data analysis
  • Bridge: Unite processes from R&D through process development to manufacturing and deliver effective regenerative therapies to patients faster

Featured Products for Cell Therapy

RUO Cytokines Cell Culture vials

Research Use Only (RUO) Growth Factors & Cytokines

Sartorius offers a range of high-quality research use only (RUO) cytokines and growth factors which are produced using recombinant DNA technology

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Stem Cell Media

Promote cell maintenance and health while ensuring a smooth transition to clinical applications.

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Cell Therapy R&D Solutions

Cell Therapy CAR-T cell attacking cancer cell

CAR-T Research & Development

Cutting-edge solutions that streamline lab-scale research and development workflows for characterizing quality attributes of T-cells

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Cell Therapy MSC Mesenchymal Stem Cell illustration

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy Research & Development

Effective advanced cytotherapies require reliable equipment and bioprocesses to move from research to regulatory approval

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Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells iPSC Cell Therapy

iPSC Therapy Research & Development

Enables the discovery and multiplexed screening validation of differentiation protocols to accelerate time to market

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Cell Therapy Process Development Solutions

iPSC Therapy Process Development

Enable rapid screening and optimization of differentiation processes and accelerate transition to manufacturing.

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Mesenchymal Stem Cell Process Development

Accelerate screening and optimization of MSC expansion conditions and consistent scale-up.

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Cell Therapy Manufacturing Solutions

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Manufacturing

Scalable, automated, closed system solution to enable robust, high-quality manufacturing of MSC-based therapies

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iPSC Therapy Manufacturing

Scalable, GMP-compliant, automated solution to enable robust manufacturing of iPSC derivatives

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Featured Cell Therapy Resources

utilizing advanced flow cytometry and live-cell imaging to evaluate iPSC pluripotency During Cell Line Selection
Application Note

iPSC Pluripotency During Cell Line Selection and Differentiation

Utilizing advanced flow cytometry and live-cell imaging to evaluate iPSC pluripotency during cell line selection and differentiation procedures

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Challenges and Solutions in CAR-T Discovery and Development

Download this infographic to learn how CAR-T therapy works, the CAR-T therapy discovery and development steps and more

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cell based therapies: be on the safe side

Cell-Based Therapies: Be on the Safe Side

Ensure the highest patient safety with real-time PCR-based rapid sterility testing. Learn more in this infographic.

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