As gene-modified cell therapies advance to address new indications, the need for rapid development of robust manufacturing processes becomes increasingly important. Process optimization sets the stage for clinical and commercial manufacturing and plays a foundational role in decreasing time to market and lowering costs of goods sold (COGS).

This series of case studies presents Design of Experiments (DOE)-driven development of process knowledge and rapid optimization of T-cell expansion in a miniaturized, automated multi-parallel setup as well as the phenotypic analysis of CAR-T cells with donor clustering.

  • Accelerating media screening and critical process parameters (CPP) identification and optimization
  • Profiling CAR-T cells and donor clustering
  • Decreasing development time and COGS


Kevin Kellner

Advanced Therapies Expert


Kevin Kellner is an Advanced Therapies Expert at Sartorius. He holds a Ph.D. from Dublin City University and a M.Sc. in Bioprocess Development from Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. Kevin's Ph.D. thesis focused on gene editing technologies as well as cell line development with a strong emphasis on molecular and cell biology. He joined Sartorius over 4 years ago and was responsible for process and technology development for cell therapies in previous roles.

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