Webinar on Highly Efficient Viral Vector Vaccines Processes

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Viral vector-based vaccines are a promising field in vaccinology and are taking more importance in the overall vaccine pipeline. Innovations in the field of bioprocessing, analytics and data management are needed to increase overall productivity, get a better understanding of the process and adapt the platform efficiently to the different indications.

During this webinar, Amélie Boulais, Marketing Manager of New Generation Vaccines at Sartorius Stedim Biotech, describes how vaccine developers can accelerate their timelines and develop highly efficient viral vector processes by using high throughput fully automatic multi-parallel bioreactor testing tools such as ambr, DoE software and single-use solutions. Upstream process intensification methods, scale-up tools and real case data will be presented for cell culture in fed-batch, concentrated fed-batch or perfusion mode.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how process intensification can be applied to viral vector production
  • Configure single-use process scale equipment for viral vectors manufacturing
  • Discover tools to speed-up process development
  • Learn how data analytics can be used for predictive control

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