Product Development

MODDE® Application from the Umetrics® Suite

Launching a new product in food & beverage is always a challenge accompanied by risks and uncertainties regarding its success. Design of Experiments (DOE) with the MODDE® application from the Umetrics® Suite helps you minimize these factors by providing you with a tool that helps you develop an optimal recipe with respect to cost, taste, materials and any other parameter you consider important, regardless of whether it is quantifiable or qualitative or even uncontrollable. This means you can also include data from consumer panels and other input. MODDE® also supports you in finding out which are the important parameters that allow you to scale your product from the MVP (minimum viable product) stage via pilot plant to large scale production. Solutions by MODDE® can be optimized for robustness so that small variations in raw material quality and properties do not affect the quality of the final quality.

MODDE® is also very useful in modifying existing recipes according to current consumer demands, like reducing or replacing salt, sugar or fat content, with minimum effect on sensory properties of the original product.

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