Filter Cartridge for Particle & Bioburden Reduction

Aquastar CA 0.2 μm filter cartridges incorporate a specially designed cellulose acetate membrane. This cartridge has a reinforced membrane especially developed to meet the industrial requirements of repeated mechanical pulsations and sterilization cycles.

  • Factory validated microbial retention using bacterial challenge testing
  • Filter material characterized by the lowest possible adsorption: relevant for water rich in humic acids 
  • Integrity testable and correlated with the bacterial challenge test
  • Resistant to heat sterilization (steam or hot water)
  • Membrane reinforced with polypropylene
  • Quality assurance certificate supplied in each box of cartridges
  • Filter conforms to the EU regulation 1935/2004/E, EU regulation 10/2011 with all amendment and FDA, meet CFR title21


Aquastar membrane filter cartridges are used for final filtration prior to bottling for carbonated mineral water, non-carbonated water and...

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