Sterilizing-grade Water Filtration

0.2 μm Filtration Cartridges

0.2 μm Aquasart®, Aquasart plus® and Aquastar filtration cartridges have been specially developed for water filtration. Constructed with a single or a double asymmetric membranes filtration, this range of filters ensures optimum retention of microorganisms present in the water with the optimal throughputs and therefore the lowest filtration costs. Depending on your operating procedures for filtration cartridges, you have the choice between these three families of cartridges for final filtration of water:


0.2 μm with a cellulose acetate filtration membrane.

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0.2 μm with a polyethersulfone (PESU) filtration membrane.

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Aquasart plus®

0.2µm with a 0.45µm pre filtration membrane.

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0.45 μm Filtration Cartridges

The 0.45 μm Sartocool® filter cartridges represent an alternative choice when water filtration at 0.2 μm is not considered necessary or technically feasible (throughput, clogging).


0.45 μm with a polyethersulfone (PESU) filtration membrane

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