Air | Gas Filtration for Food and Beverage

Compressed Air & Gas Filtration in the Food and Beverage Industry

We understand your processes and work with you to identify the correct filter no matter what scale, size, or temperature. Sartorius broad range of products deliver peace of mind and allow you to choose the right filter for all scales in single-use and conventional processes.

Sartorius' Product Landscape for Air | Gas Filtration for F&B

Midisart Small-scale Venting Filters

The Most Popular: Midisart® filters offer a choice of different variants that provide optimal solutions for every application.

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Trustworthy Results with Sartofluor®

The Sartofluor® filter utilizes a single-layer PTFE membrane which ensures validated sterility and robust integrity testing.

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Uncompromised Air Flow Rate with Sartopure® GA

Push it to the Limit: Highly efficient particle removal from air streams with outstanding flow rates of nearly 40 m³/h at a differential pressure.

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Filtration Consumables for Food and Beverage

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Filtration Equipment for Food and Beverage

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Microbiological Quality Control for Food and Beverage

Sartorius provides you with proper tools for microbiological quality control to detect spoiling microorganisms. This ensures the highest quality.

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