Separation & Particle Analysis

Separation technology is often an important element in laboratory-based research, development and analytics across battery manufacturing applications and workflows. From the isolation of particles to sample preparation of wastewater and the concentration of elements, not all filters and membranes are alike. It is important that membranes do not interfere with the analysis and are resistant to the solvents and diluents used.  

With over 150 years of experience in manufacturing filters and membranes, Sartorius is one of the industry’s market leaders in lab filtration.

  • Glass microfiber filters as battery separators
  • Membranes and paper filters to separate particles of interest
  • Pressure filters to clarify wastewater
  • Syringe filters for sample preparation of analytics
  • Paper coated with polyethylene to keep your lab clean

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Solutions for Separation & Particle Analysis Applications

Anode and Cathode Separation

Binder-free glass microfiber filters are inert, resistant to most chemicals, and can withstand temperatures of up to 500°C.

It makes them ideal not only for analytical and gravimetric analyses, such as wastewater analysis, but also to separate cathode and anode in battery development.

  • Manufactured from 100 % borosilicate glass, withstands temperatures up to 500°C
  • 100 % binder free
  • pH stable
  • Supplied as discs, sheets and customized shapes

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Particle Separation for Analysis

Filters may be used to separate specific constituents for further chemical or physical characterization in basic research, recycling or non-conformity testing. Examples include, sparks during vents and combustion caused by thermal runaways, salts (LIPF6, LiBF4) contained in the electrolyte that may not have completely dissolved in the solvents, foreign particles detected during QC requiring further investigation or for size discrimination in the black mass.

The Sartorius laboratory filtration products are engineered to support every filtration application, from air, to aqueous, to caustic solvents. Benefit from the Sartorius quality: ISO9001 and ISO14001 compliance for exceptional product quality, performance and product uniformity that is critical for continued success.

  • Membrane filters made of Regenerated Cellulose RC, Polyamide PA, Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE, or Polycarbonate PC
  • Quartz Microfiber filters are especially suited for emission monitoring at high temperatures and wherever filters of the highest purity are needed
  • Ash-free filter papers for multiple quantitative, qualitative, and gravimetric analyses like ash content, precipitates, routine work, and phase separation

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Technical Cleanliness: Filters, Balances, and Accessories for Your Particle Analysis

Ground and Waste Water Analysis

Groundwater is a drinking water source and consequently must be monitored closely to confirm its suitability for consumption. Unfortunately, groundwater can become contaminated with heavy metals from landfill and industrial site wastewater. Continuous monitoring of the wastewater emerging from refining or battery production sites is critical for detecting potential contaminants that leach into the surrounding groundwater, compromising its quality and safety.

The Sartolab® P20 pressure filter can be used for sterile filtration or clarification of media, solvent mixtures, and aqueous solutions. The filters can process batches up to 10 L at a time. These pressure filters can help workflows to detect heavy metals and chlorine in water.

Other benefits include:

  • Highest flow rates with a large surface of filtration (20 cm²)
  • Version available with a prefilter for particle-high-loaded solutions

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Supporting Products

Cubis II filter weighing

Cubis® II Filter Weighing

Air quality is an important topic to reach carbon neutrality. Filter weighing is a reference method to determine the level of air pollution.

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Filter Holders

Filtration Holders & Support Accessories

Variety of custom designed filter holders and support pieces that are engineered for use with our many filters. Review our complete line of filter sup...

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Minisart syringe filters

Sample Preparation for Analytics

Minisart® PP Syringe Filters offer essential elimination of particle from the sample prior to HPLC | UHPLC | ICP-MS or other chromatographic analysis.

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