Sample Preparation in Battery Development and Production

Innovation and R&D in battery development are highly dependent on the availability and quality of raw materials. The quality and longevity of the final battery is determined by the quality of the components used. Additionally, increased and more sensitive quality controls are required to comply with new regulations and changing environmental standards. Both QC and R&D require routine and detailed characterization of individual components or interactions.

Sartorius analytical sample preparation solutions combine quality and reliability to provide the very best Lab Essential tools in all your analytical preparation needs such as:

  • Particle size & distribution - granulometry, specific surface area, microscopy
  • Titration - salt concentration, Karl Fisher, carbon
  • Wettability, TGA, DSC
  • Spectroscopy, spectrometry, chromatography
  • Loss in weight, grammage, formulation, desiccation

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Solutions for Your Sample Preparation Applications

Preparation of Solutions

Studies have shown that up to 80% of the challenges associated with HPLC and other chromatography analyses can be avoided by improving water quality. Ultrapure water is necessary to create instrument blanks, calibration curves, and standard solutions in spectrometry and any other applications. Ion-free water is also necessary for sample preparation and thus must be free of those elements under investigation.

The Arium® Pro UV is a flexible and modular system, providing a reliable source of ultrapure water.

  • System selection specifically for your application
  • Meet or exceed ASTM Type 1 water quality to increase sensitivity of analytical results
  • Display with touch function and intuitive menu
  • Favorites function with direct access for recurring volumes

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Semi-Automatic Preparation of Standard Series

The preparation of standard series with defined concentrations is a routine step for quantitative methods. However, the process can be complicated, error-prone, and expensive because it is nearly impossible to accurately weigh a solid for a pre-defined volume of solvent.

Customized Q-App software connects your Cubis® high-capacity micro balance directly to your dispenser and accurately calculates the required solvent volume based on the quantity of solid weighed.

  • Accurate dispensing of solvent with a weighing accuracy of up to 5 decimal places and a dispenser motor providing 48,000-step resolution
  • Software-guided workflow and digital record of the entire process and all parameters
  • Automated and fast preparation of 100% consistent standard series, plus documentation
  • Motorized levelling function & touch-free automated draft shield

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Pipetting Steps

Using inadequate tools to pipette solvents can lead to unintentional consequences, such as aerosol contamination of your sample or pipette, or dissolution of the tip by the solvent. Our pipettes and tips are highly durable and suitable for pipetting most solvents.

Proline® Plus mechanical pipettes offer comfort and quality for everyday manual pipetting. It combines durable construction with ease and lightness of use. Easy volume adjustment with click stop system and big, forward facing, volume helps in choosing the correct volume.​

  • Wide variety of adjustable single and multi-channel models as well as fixed single-channel
  • Volume range from 3 μL to 10 mL
  • Materials have high chemical resistance to secure long life-time of the pipette
  • Safe-Cone Filters available for models > 10 μL; They help to prevent aerosols and fluids from penetrating the pipette, also in case of over-aspiration

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Filtration Before HPLC

Syringe filters are the method of choice for filtration of HPLC samples for reproducible and reliable particulate-removal. Featuring pore sizes of 0.2 μm or 0.45 μm and a selection of special membrane materials and diameters, the proven Minisart® with a polypropylene housing reliably removes particles. 

  • Minisart® NY with a nylon membrane and Minisart® GF+NY with the purest glass fiber prefilter and nylon membrane are optimally designed for the filtration of alkaline aqueous solutions and solvents. Their unique purity ensures clean samples.
  • Minisart® RC with a regenerated cellulose membrane has been optimized for aqueous solutions and solvents. The high chemical compatibility permits it to be used in a wide variety of applications. 
  • Minisart® SRP with a hydrophobic coating-free PTFE featuring high chemical compatibility and minimum extractables to ensure excellent results.

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Supporting Products

Cubis® II Ultra Micro & Micro Balance

The development of analytical methods with lower LOD/LOQ in the field of battery optimization starts with highly sensitive preparation instruments.

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filter paper

Ash-free Filter Papers for Quantitative and Gravimetric Analysis

Explore a large portfolio of top quality, ash-free, 100% cotton fiber linter filters designed especially for quantitative and gravimetric analysis.

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Pipette Tips

The best fitting pipette tips for Sartorius pipettes are Optifit standard pipette tips and Safetyspace® Filter Tips. 

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How to Prepare GC and HPLC Standards cover
Application Note

Preparation of GC and HPLC standards

Reverse pipetting and pre-wetting of the pipette tip are necessary to accurately pipette ethanol, methanol, acetone, or volatile liquids.

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The Story Behind a Game-Changing Collaboration in Accurate Titration

Partnership between Cubis® II balances & Metrohm’s OMNIS platform.  Easy-to-use system complying with highest data integrity requirements.

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Ultrapure Water for Trace Analysis
Application Note

Ultrapure Water for Trace Analysis with ICP-MS

Test series ensure that the Arium pro UV systems generate a high purity water which can be used for trace analysis of elements by ICP-MS.

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